The Meaning of 'CYTO'

The literal meaning of “CYTO” in biology is ‘cell’ and CYTO was created with a focus and emphasis on safety and quality down to the cellular level.

The CYTO team of physicians, pharmacists, and scientists realized early on that a safe and high quality product that could be trusted was desperately needed in the cannabinoid and CBD market.

With many products receiving reports of mislabeling, heavy metal content, and other contaminants, it became a dangerous place for consumers to place their trust.


Created With Purpose

CYTO is more than a brand; it is a lifestyle.

CYTO CBD was created with full control from #SeedToCYTO. With hemp farms spanning over 200 acres in Eugene, Oregon, every plant is nurtured and cared for with love. The innovative agricultural methods that are used to grow our plants organically guarantee no presence of pesticides, heavy metals, or other contaminants. This control allows the team of clinicians, farmers, and scientists to stand confidently behind the CYTO brand, knowing that our experts managed every step of the way from the agriculture to processing to final packaging and labeling. All CYTO products are manufactured in facilities that are FDA registered and GMP certified.

CYTO CBD products cater to the consumers that want to take the guess work out of their cannabinoid products and place their trust in the brand that physicians all over the world have begun to endorse.

Only One of its Kind

Created by Nature. Perfected by Science. From Seed to You.

CYTO CBD is the only cannabinoid product line in the market that is made organically through innovative agricultural methods and expert clinical guidance. Natural, effective products that are safe and healthy for you to use – that is the CYTO Promise.