Seed To CYTO

To guarantee high quality products, we realized early on that we had to control every step in production. That is why we offer full access to the journey all the way from the seeds in our own farms in Eugene, OR to the finished products in your home.


The CytoCx team places great emphasis on transparency and providing our consumers with a clear view of exactly where CytoCx products come from. We always encourage consumers to ask the question: "Where does your CBD come from?"

In an industry that, unfortunately, has found some products to be mislabeled, contaminated, or falsely advertised, it is imperative for consumers to know exactly how the products they are purchasing are made, and that they can trust them fully.

This is the CytoCx promise.

Step by Step

That is why we created the #SeedToCYTO campaign to educate consumers and provide a clear story on exactly how CYTO CBD products are made organically, free of contaminants, and with medical expertise included every step of the way.
01. SEED
The Seed CYTO CBD sources hemp seeds from Eugene, Oregon where the soil and agriculture is known to be some of the best in the world, emphasized by the large number of vineyards in the area.
02. SOIL
The Soil The CYTO agricultural team tests for nutrients and supplements the soil to assure it is ideal to grow a nutritious, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp plant.
Seed Germination Planting hemp is not just throwing a seed into the soil and watering it! Our plants go through a rigorous weather testing and are not even put into the soil until the root system is strong enough to withstand any environmental conditions that may come its way.
Cloning Program Once an ideal plant is grown with a rich cannabinoid profile and high CBD, the plant enters our cloning program where almost identical plants are produced. This assures a lot full of consistency that guarantees high yields and clean plants.
Extraction & Processing The hemp flower contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids, like CBD, and is taken care of in the most gentle manner. Our extraction methods are light in order to safely pull out the cannabinoids, without ruining the natural composition of the plant. Our methods enable both Full and Broad Spectrum (Zero THC) products that are rich in cannabinoids and minimally invasive.
Product Manufacturing The team of clinicians and scientists work with manufacturers that are FDA registered and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant. This step assures that the finished products are clean and safe to use before they even leave our floor.


Ultimately all the roads lead to the finished product, which we proudly deliver under the CytoCx brand.

With every CytoCx product, consumers can trust that our innovative agriculture and science is at the foundation, assuring a clean and pure product. Additionally, products go through our clinical team to assure that formulation is customized to meet the needs of the Endocannabinoid System.

#SeedToCYTO is not just a story; it is also informational and gives consumers the transparency they deserve. Always verify your source. Few companies can truly claim full integration with Seed to Shelf control, but CytoCx has that ability and is happy to offer consumers that experience.

Innovative agriculture with medical guidance delivers beautiful, organic products that are bringing consumers the reliable products they seek.

Created by Nature. Perfected by Science. From Seed to You.

The CBD that your Doctor trusts

“I have been managing patients with chronic conditions for years and since adding CytoCBD to our treatment protocols, I have seen major improvements in these patients with various symptoms. It has been great to see the benefits, and I am very happy that I can trust the quality of CytoCBD.”
- Ayesha Peets Talbot, MD, FAAP Medical Director - Ocean Rock Wellness
“Typically risks outweigh the benefits with many prescription medications. However, with CytoCx, I have found something that is low risk with high reward and an incredibly high level of patient compliance and satisfaction.”
Akash Bajaj, MD, MPH Medical Director - Remedy Pain Solutions
“By integrating the entire chain from farm to distribution, CytoCx provides what I demand - the highest quality, organic products with no contaminants. I appreciate the effort CytoCx has made in checking all the boxes, it shows in the positive outcomes that we see in our patients everyday, treated with CytoCx.”
Michael Citron, MD Chief Medical Officer - FoundationMED
“I use CytoCx for my patients because it verifiably offers the highest purity I have found in a CBD product, and maximizes clinical outcomes every time. Hemp oil is everywhere, but CytoCx is a cut above. It is my clear clinical choice for a medical grade product.”
Randy Fink, MD Medical Director – Miami Center of Excellence