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Plant derived cannabinoids, like Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG), are gaining attention from all over the world as potential ingredients that can deliver relief in many ways through the balance of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).


We take pride in our organic agriculture & medical formulations, and in order to guarantee the purity and quality, our hemp never contains any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


Our hemp is cultivated under strict organic practice, with no presence of heavy metals, contaminants, or pesticides.


All CytoCx products are manufactured in facilities with full Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and registration with the U.S. FDA.


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As a medical brand, CytoCx understands that the only way to guarantee quality is to control every step in the production. That is why we cultivate our own organic hemp in Eugene, Oregon with farms strategically located at Latitude 45, known for its nutrient-rich soil. Our agricultural scientists collaborate with our team of physicians & pharmacists to formulate products that contain ingredients that are proven to work in a safe & effective way.

All CytoCx products are processed and manufactured at cGMP & U.S FDA registered facilities to assure a true pharmaceutical quality product.

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CytoCx has partnered with major pain and addiction clinics all over the U.S to design products that are proven to address pain and inflammation directly at the source through the innovative formulation of powerful organic ingredients.

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Created by nature. Perfected by science.


Pure and organic oils that are taken under the tongue to deliver powerful relief in specific ways. Whether you are looking for a better night’s sleep or just general stress relief, there is an oil for you!

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The CBD that your Doctor trusts

“I have been managing patients with chronic conditions for years and since adding CytoCBD to our treatment protocols, I have seen major improvements in these patients with various symptoms. It has been great to see the benefits, and I am very happy that I can trust the quality of CytoCBD.”
- Ayesha Peets Talbot, MD, FAAP Medical Director - Ocean Rock Wellness
“Typically risks outweigh the benefits with many prescription medications. However, with CytoCx, I have found something that is low risk with high reward and an incredibly high level of patient compliance and satisfaction.”
Akash Bajaj, MD, MPH Medical Director - Remedy Pain Solutions
“By integrating the entire chain from farm to distribution, CytoCx provides what I demand - the highest quality, organic products with no contaminants. I appreciate the effort CytoCx has made in checking all the boxes, it shows in the positive outcomes that we see in our patients everyday, treated with CytoCx.”
Michael Citron, MD Chief Medical Officer - FoundationMED
“I use CytoCx for my patients because it verifiably offers the highest purity I have found in a CBD product, and maximizes clinical outcomes every time. Hemp oil is everywhere, but CytoCx is a cut above. It is my clear clinical choice for a medical grade product.”
Randy Fink, MD Medical Director – Miami Center of Excellence